Renegade Light Sport Aircraft, Renegade Falcon LS02, Renegade Lil Rascal, SC07 Speed Cruiser.  

Renegade Light Sport Aircraft, Sales, Service, Flight Training.

 "Broken Wing Project" - Flight Training for disabled veterans - Click here for more information.

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Renegade Light Sport Aircraft, Sales, Service, Training.
Renegade Light Sport is working to bring you a full line of Lycoming-powered LSA aircraft. Lycoming's 233 LSA Series engine brings integrity, ingenuity, familiarity, and proven aviation performance to the LSA market. Our aircraft are FUN, FAST, and SAFE. We're new to the market, but our products are not. Each has undergone years of production experience and design improvements.

Be a Renegade, come fly our aircraft and you'll finally experience what "sport" really means in Light Sport Aircraft.
Flight School & Sport Pilot Training

Renegade Light Sport is a flight school in Fort Pierce Florida offering private and sport pilot training. We specialize in Light Sport aviation and the sport pilot. Start your training in one of the most beautiful sport aircraft in the world - the Falcon LS! You can learn in a tricycle or a conventional tailwheel model. The choice is yours!

We offer a pre-paid, accelerated sport pilot training program to get you in the air flying and having fun in just a few weeks for as little as $4,360. Or we can build you a custom training schedule to meet your specific time or financial needs. Either way, Renegade's instructors and LSA fleet are here to serve your training dreams. 

Stop dreaming and start flying in the Renegade Light Sport Aircraft.

Be a Renegade. Be a Renegade Sport Pilot.

D Motor USA BOT SC 07 Speed Cruiser
Renegade Light Sport Aircraft

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