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Renegade Video

The Renegade Falcon LS is one of the first airplanes to have Lycoming's new IO-233 light sport engine. AVweb's Paul Bertorelli took the airplane for a flight trial recently.

Aero-TV: Renegade Light Sport  "The LSA with a REAL Aircraft Engine"

At the 2011 US Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida, Renegade Light Sport was showing its Falcon 2.0 with the long-awaited Lycoming "233 Series" engine.

Lycoming 233, Falcon Renegade lightsport aircraft powered by Lycoming 233 aircraft engine.

Dan Johnson and the Lightsport & Ultralight Flyer talk to Doc Bailey of Renegade Lightsport aircraft about the Lycoming 233 lightsport aircraft engine and the Falcon Renegade.

Avweb: Lycoming's New O-233 Takes Flight

At AirVenture 2011, Lycoming staked out its ground in the LSA market by announcing the first installations of the 115-HP O-233 four-cylinder engine?

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