Renegade Light Sport Aircraft, Renegade Falcon LS02, Renegade Lil Rascal, SC07 Speed Cruiser.  
Authorized dealers of Renegade Light Sport aircraft:
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Where to Buy


Benny Benham
Aviator's Wing
1026 South 66th Street
Hangar 21
Enid Woodring Regional Airport
Enid, OK 73701
580.366.5951 (office)
580.402.4167 (mobile)


Keith Pugh
Portland, OR
503.427.0434 (mobile)



Mike Raymer or Keith Raymer
R&R Unlimited, Inc.
Memphis, TN
405.264.6046 (Mike)
816.591.2814 (Keith)


Be a Renegade. Be a Renegade Sport Pilot.

Renegade Light Sport Aircraft

 1580 Old NDB Rd. DeLand, FL 32724      314-322-5660