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Wounded Warrior "Broken Wing Project" - Flight Training for disabled vetrans

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Renegade Light Sport Making dreams come true for our Wounded Warriors!

From their new facility in Fort Pierce, the Renegade Light Sport Training Division is wasting no time in announcing their new Wounded Warrior Program.  Dubbed the “Broken Wing” Project, the company will introduce our injured military heroes to the freedom of flight using two specially designed and equipped SC07 Speed Cruisers.

The Speed Cruiser is the perfect aircraft for this important mission of giving a wounded warrior the opportunity to become a Light Sport Pilot.  It provides easy access to a 48 inch wide cabin and very accessible low side gunnel.   Consider the fact that a six foot nine inch 300 pound person can comfortably operate in this very spacious cabin.   Additionally, all flight controls can be operated by hand which removes a physical barrier that previously precluded many from ever learning to fly.  Speed Cruiser is safe, reliable, light and fast.  It features unrestricted visibility since there are no wing struts to obstruct the pilot’s field of vision.

The cantilevered wings are swept. The power plant is a brand new flat head, four cylinder, liquid cooled, direct drive 95 horsepower D-Motor that is small but mighty.  Best of all, a mere 3.2 gallons of regular 91 octane gas per hour makes learning to fly unbelievably economical.  Major problems solved.  Now our Wounded Warrior heroes are able to come to the new Renegade state of the art facility, fly these aircraft, and earn their Light Sport Pilot Certificate in an estimated 25 flight hours.

In addition to the availability of the project to our wounded warriors, owner of Renegade Light Sport Christopher “Doc” Bailey doesn’t believe that our warriors should be expected to pay a single penny to fly.  He has been successfully finding corporate sponsors to take a student at a time, and offer him or her the chance to learn to fly with Renegade’s Flight Training Center.

As a former medevac helicopter pilot in the Army, Doc is insistent that having provided such sacrifice for us, that our warriors be offered the opportunity to learn to fly, free of charge and be able to fully immerse themselves in this life-changing experience without worry of financial obligation. Doc believes that given the successful completion of this program, the heightened morale of these brave young men and women would certainly inspire them to further their success. Possibly to start their own business, or give them that huge sense of accomplishment that many of us have felt when completing such a milestone in our lives.

Renegade Flight Training Center has arranged full lodging facilities in the immediate area with top local hotels.

Along with corporate and private sponsors Renegade will be appealing to local businesses who would want to arrange excursions and trips for the warriors and their families while they are here for training. 

This very well may be the experience of a lifetime for these not to be forgotten heroes, as well as for those who chose to involve themselves in the program.  The “Broken Wing” Project has significant potential for expansion to EMS, Firefighters, and Police Officers wounded in the line of duty.

The “Broken Wing” Project has the full support and encouragement of local veterans’ organizations, as well as Maj. General Jackson of the Wounded Warrior retreat project.. General Jackson, and three- time world aerobatic champion Patty Wagstaff, were on scene at the Renegade facility to check out the new Speed Cruisers and give their invaluable input on the project.

Renegade now requests your help in locating any students you feel would benefit from this program as well as fulfill their dream to fly. Renegade is also seeking corporate and/or private interested parties to financially aid in this important endeavor.  Please contact Renegade directly regarding funding, support and to discuss the opportunity to sponsor a warrior for the training program. 

Calls should be made directly to Christopher Doc Bailey at Renegade Light Sport, 314-322-5660.

This is truly a one of a kind opportunity to show our appreciation to those who have sacrificed so much. This is a chance to let them experience their own level of freedom in the skies. This two to three week accelerated program is unique, and is the only one of its kind in the United States.  Renegade has code named the project operation “Broken Wing” and is very proud to stand behind and help promote this wonderful, nationwide program. The program kicks off June 2013. 

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